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Congratulations to SAAB Aeronautics

GPS Source received an email from SAAB Aeronautics stating the following:

Dear partner and supplier,
Gripen E has performed its first flight, which shows further evidence of its maturity and is a major event highlighting our joint achievements. Thank you for your key contributions to the Gripen platform and its business success. Please find attached a communication package capturing Gripen E and its first flight. Please use the package for wider distribution within your company as well as in your external communication channels.


Read the SAAB Aeronautics Gripen E Press Release.


Congratulations to SAAB Aeronautics. Their engineers have been hard at work designing an entirely new plane, with a newly designed airframe and a new fully qualified avionics software system. SAAB has tagged this as a Smart Fighter. With an entirely new software architecture, it ensures the ability to quickly upgrade tactical systems.  Although no one can adequately plan for the future, the SAAB engineers have done their very best to plan for a plane that is adaptable to the future.  We are proud to be considered a  key contributor to the Gripen platform and its business success.


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