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US Playing Catch Up on Electronic Warfare

At GPS Source, we believe improving our electronic warfare (EW) position may require different companies to collaborate based on their areas of specialization (if we want to see an immediate improvement). Most innovation now occurs in the private sector and true advancements in the field are taking place in the private sector. According to this NDIA article (DoD Puts ‘Foot on Gas Pedal’ to Catch Up on Electronic Warfare), the Defense Department is boosting it's EW research-and-development funding to nearly $5 billion per year, but that is nothing compared to wireless communication companies which spend some $50 billion.

The government wants to tap into commercial innovation and believes the challenge will be bringing those innovative ideas into the military. The challenge is not bringing in innovative ideas per se it is finding the funding to bring innovative ideas to the forefront quickly and not waiting for Programs of Record to be implemented years from now.  The US Army's Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO) is readying to face emerging threats and is one way to implement ideas quickly. Two ongoing efforts at RCO include work on EW, and Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT). The RCO is on track to produce PNT prototypes for use in Europe later this year. What is significant is that the prototypes are not programs of record, giving them the opportunity to be fielded in a matter of months instead of years.  


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