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Small Electronic Warfare Upgrade can Improve Survivability of the Whole System

An article in Breaking Defense discussed interest in Electronic Warfare (EW) growing after being neglected for twenty years following the Cold War. For those of you who are curious, electronic warfare is the art and science of detecting, deceiving, and disrupting enemy radio-frequency (RF) transmissions. Since the Cold War, the U.S. has not invested in EW equipment. Times are changing, and there has been increased interest from all four armed services, in large part because Russia, China, and other countries are catching up to, if not surpassing America’s long-time advantages in jamming, spoofing, and detecting enemy radio and radars. 

Thankfully, the commercial industry has remained interested, and powerful (yet affordable) devices are available from the commercial sector. This gives the attractive option of purchasing a COTS product (rather than expensive military-unique development). A small and relatively inexpensive EW upgrade to an aircraft, ship, or ground vehicle improves the survivability of the whole system. William Conley, the Pentagon’s Deputy Director for EW made the point by saying "It’s this little, couple million-dollar investment which ends up having an enormous impact on a multi-billion or trillion-dollar investment.”  Read the entire article in Electronic Warfare Growing. Learn more about what GPS Source can offer to improve Positioning, Navigation and Timing Resiliency when EW becomes part of the equation by contacting us.


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