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Making Innovation Great

The Center for Strategic and International Studies recently published a paper "Making Innovation Great." Innovation can affect warfighting at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels. Unfortunately for the United States, potential U.S. adversaries have the benefit of focusing a few key areas where innovation is central to their success, whereas the U.S. is obligated to seek and find innovation across the entire range of military missions. The article can be read here  

The paper suggests the DoD must change the way it does business to allow it to adapt to rapidly changing threats and opportunities and GPS Source agrees. GPS Source is proud to be a key supplier of enablers to the War Fighter and to be a provider of innovative military GPS solutions to our defense customers. Through independent research and development, GPS Source has ensured many of their products integrate appropriately with today's technology and future modernization efforts.

Check out our Enhanced D3 as an example of an innovative idea developed by private industry.  

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