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EC requests waiver by FCC to operate Galileo services in US

The European Commission (EC) has requested a waiver to permit Galileo positioning, navigation, and timing services in the United States.  The waiver was initially presented to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). The NTIA responded by informing the FCC they believe that granting the waiver was in the public interest. The NTIA told the FCC that they thought authorizing the use of Galileo in the US would advance national goals.  The Galileo signal will supplement the GPS signal and in turn will help the United States with positioning, navigation, and timing.

This has all taken a great deal of time.  We hope that the FCC approves the waiver soon. The NTIA initially sent the request to the FCC in January of 2015.  It looks like the FCC will approve the waiver.  They are just waiting for comments on the waiver request. Information about this request can be found on the  FCC website -



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