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With SOCOM, no idea too ridiculous or too good to be true.

In a recent article published by NDIA, the topic of military technology lagging behind the faster moving private sector hit a nerve here at GPS Source. We work very hard at listening to our customers (one of them SOCOM) and creating products that help immediately.  As an example, members of the SOCOM community were looking for a GPS retransmission system that was flexible for multiple environments.  We delivered with a line of GPS repeater kits. The kits were designed to be a COTS product that was man-portable and easily installed within a variety of SOCOM vehicles (ground and air). 

Another example was our DAGR Distributed Device or D3.  This was a self-funded product designed to replace multiple DAGRs in a ground vehicle. The D3 fit in the same bracket a DAGR would have been positioned, yet replaced up to eight DAGRs. This was a COTS product that is currently being upgraded to include several other key features that our military needs right now.  The new Enhanced D3 (or ED3) supports rapid, LRU level interchangeability between current military GPS receiver cards and future modernized GPS capable receiver cards.

GPS Source is always looking to the future, yet making every effort to address immediate needs of our military.


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