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Air Worthiness Certification for its GPS Retransmission System


GPS Source, Inc. Receives Air Worthiness Certification for its GPS Retransmission System

PUEBLO, Colorado (March 2010) – The United States Air Force Air Mobility Command Systems Group (AMC SG) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has awarded C-17 air worthiness certification to GPS Source, Inc.’s GPS Retransmission System.

GPS Source and Boeing applied for and received Air Worthiness certification in February this of year. The Air Worthiness certification enabled Flight Testing of the GPS Retransmission System by the 412th Flight Test Wing at Edwards Air Base Flight Test Center. Flight Testing included a ground test phase where system performance was verified against numerous Technical Performance Metrics (TPMs), and a flight test phase where the system was fully validated by completing Joint Precision Airdrop (JPADS) CDS deliveries from 20,000 ft. onto a range at Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona.

Robert Horton, CEO of GPS Source, said "Our success with the Boeing C-17 GPS Retransmission System Program can be directly attributed to the hard work of the dedicated, professional team here at GPS Source. They made it possible for us to meet the USAF and Boeing's very demanding qualification testing program on our first try, and to execute a near perfect JPADS airdrop on the first pass.” The GPS Source, Inc. GLI-PADS System enables an end user to perform JPADS and Military Free Fall (MFF) Missions with guaranteed mission equipment compatibility, greater ease and reliability. The GPS Source’s GPS Retransmission System is available in permanent install and Roll-On/Roll-Off (GLI-PADS™) configurations. The mil-spec designed system ensures 100% GPS L1/L2 signal coverage throughout the cargo compartment and flight deck of any medium to large military transport aircraft, including the C- 27J, C-130 (all variants), A400M, and the C-17.


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