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GLI-METRO-G gives user complete control over Effective Radiated Power (ERP) levels for the entire GNSS range.

GPS Source announces the release of the GLI-METRO-G.  A smart GNSS controller designed with technology derived from high performance systems and military applications. Capable of handling any GPS L1/L2, GLONASS L1/L2 Signal application, it has many highly desired features, including  the ability to select GPS+ GLONASS, GPS only or GLONASS only signal output power control.  It also has built-in antenna monitoring and oscillation detection.

With the GLI-METRO-G, the user has complete control over effective radiated power (ERP) levels for the entire GNSS range.  GLI-METRO-G has the unique benefit of allowing selection for the power control between signals. A user can easily decide which signal output the GLI-METRO-G will use to control signal power: GPS+GLONASS, GLONASS only or GPS only. When used in conjunction with an active GPS/GLONASS receive antenna, it will pass GPS+GLONASS signals inside a building, hangar or any structure where signal is not accessible. It can be used in an automated test environment or in a shielded room. GLI-METRO-G reduces the need for multiple antennas, receive devices and multiple antenna runs, while lowering maintenance and installation costs.

Robert Horton of GPS Source, said "We are excited to have the opportunity bring the GLI-METRO-G to market.  The frustration of trying to get a high quality GNSS signal, inside a building or covered structure is over.  This is a state-of-the-art GNSS smart amplifier system that will help anyone select an output signal, select the power level and safely bring the signal inside."

The GLI-Metro-G is currently in production and will be available November 2013.  GLI-Metro-G offers support for present and future GNSS signals, including Galileo, ensuring operation with future devices.


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