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ED3 (Enhanced D3) - Seamless Transition from SAASM to M-Code

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The Enhanced D3 (ED3) distributes centralized IS-GPS-153 and MSID messages to up to 8 independent, unique interfaces. It is designed and qualified for the mounted environment. Supported clients include tactical radios, FBCB2/BFT, Laptop/Falconview, MRT’s and others.  

The newest addition to the family of D3 Devices can provide SAASM or M-code protected GPS.

Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS), enabling ease of procurement

  • One device that replicates four independent AN/PSN-13A (DAGR) receivers, all operating as separate units with unique or different criteria (8 with custom cabling)
  • Supports rapid, LRU level interchangeability between SAASM GPS receiver and M-Code capable receiver (See Note 1)
  • Internal, rechargeable supercapacitor, eliminates need for lithium battery
  • J1 - SINCGARS / Key Fill
  • J2 - Service and Programming
  • J2-1 thru J2-4 DAGR Compatible Interfaces
  • J3 - Antenna Input
  • J4 - 28 VDC Vehicle Power Input
  • J5 - 6 pin Key Fill
  • All four COM2 ports are configurable to RS232 or RS422.
  • Form Factor: DAGR Mount
  • All Interfaces Compatible to DAGR J1 & J2 Connectors
  • Total Weight: 1 lb
  • Overall Size: 3.74" x 6.37" x 1.64"
Dual Frequency
  • L1/L2 dual frequency tracking
  • L1 - C/A, P(Y), M (See Note 2)
  • L2 - P(Y), M (See Note 2)
Compatible with all applicable DAGR accessories:
  • RA-1 & RA-2 Antennas
  • Antenna and Power Cables
  • Crypto Variable Fill Cable
  • All Serial Interface Cables
  • Fits DAGR Mount


ED3 Brochure


1.  MGUE Increment 1 receiver cards currently in development by the GPS Directorate
2.  M-Code only available with an M-Code capable receiver card

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