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GPS Inside Aircraft Hangars

It is all about saving time.  If you can save an hour here or there by NOT having to move aircraft out of the hangar, it adds up. 

GLI-Hangar allows ongoing installation, testing and troubleshooting of aircraft GPS navigation systems while remaining inside the hangar. Delays of maintenance due to inclement weather or the placement of other aircraft is eliminated. Maintenance efficiencies are immediately recognized, as accessibility to work on the GPS navigation is more convenient. Personnel and assets are protected, plus time and fuel are saved.


-  With the push of a button, attenuate or amplify the GPS signal to a safe power level
-  Control and "lock in" the power level, regardless of cable network or temperature changes
-  Bluetooth capability allows wireless configuration and monitoring

Configured with a smart GPS controller, the GLI-Hangar it is continuously self-testing for any problems - detecting open circuits, faulty antennas, inadequate satellite coverage, oscillation, or internal component issues.

Save Money, Save Time, With the GLI-Hangar Kit

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