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First Responders

GPS Live Inside brings GPS signal acquisition within the First Responder's firehouse or parking garage. This means your GPS system is live and ready to roll at all times, minimizing response times.

Accuracy, reliability and rapid acquisition time are important factors that First Responders depend on with GPS. These factors are put into play the moment the dispatch comes to the First Responder and should not be delayed by having to wait until the GPS can "see sky" and get a GPS signal.

GPS Source can provide a GPS Repeater System specifically for a Police Station, Firehouse or Ambulance Garage.  They are easy to install and require no maintenance.  Let us enable your efforts to decrease response times.

Where seconds matter, faster is better.



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GPS Source, Inc. is pleased to announce they have been selected by a Scandinavian multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company to supply GPS rackmount splitters for their new tech centers.

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