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Test Facilities

GPS INSIDE for Test Labs

GPS Source provides calibrated GPS signal sources for a fraction of the cost of GPS simulators.

When it comes to testing, there's nothing better than the real thing. GPS source has a whole line of innovative GPS Signal Distribution Products that feature calibrated, user specified RF signal levels of the current GPS signal environment.

Variable Gain Amplifiers with optional calibrated/controlled GPS output

  • -20 to +40dB Gain or
  • Optional -130dBm +/-15dB Calibrated Signal Source

GPS Repeater Kits with features that facilitate FCC authorization*

  • Calibrated/controlled signal source
  • Bandwidth limited for repeating L1 or L1\L2 bands
  • Oscillation detection and prevention

Digital Variable Attenuator

  • 0 to 60dB Attenuation Range

All feature:

  • Digital display with user friendly menus
  • Optional RS232 Serial Control


Recent Press


GPS Source, Inc. is pleased to announce they have been selected by a Scandinavian multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company to supply GPS rackmount splitters for their new tech centers.

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