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GLI-FLO-G (D3 for Integrators)

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GLI-FLO-G (D3 for Integrators)

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Supports US Army's Assured PNT Strategy

GLI-FLO-G provides a single platform for distribution of PNT data with port independence. Each PNT device that is plugged into the D3 has full control over the port from the D3, as if the device has its own DAGR.

GLI-FLO-G functions as a secure GPS Hub or Router. One GLI-FLO-G can serve IS-GPS-153 PNT data simultaneously to multiple communication or weapon systems that require secure GPS information.

GLI-FLO-G conveniently fits in the same bracket used by the DAGR and uses standard DAGR cabling.

Read about GLI-FLO-G and how it helps support Assured PNT Inside Military Ground Vehicles.

Interface Options

4 Inputs (8 with custom cabling)
J1 - SINCGARS / Key Fill
J2 - Service and Programming
J2-1 thru J2-4 DAGR Compatible Interfaces
J3 - Antenna Input
J4 - 28 VDC Vehicle Power Input
J5 - 6 pin Key Fill

Outputs: 4 ea. RS-232 and 4 ea. RS-422 Serial Ports, (Equivalent to DAGR J2)*
Form Factor: DAGR Mount
All Interfaces Compatible to DAGR J1 & J2 Connectors

Physical Specifications

Total Weight: 1 lb
Overall Size: 3.74" x 6.37" x 1.64"
Embedded GPS Receiver
(MIL-PRF-GB-GRAM-300A for details.)

Technical Datasheet

GLI-FLO-G Datasheet

General Product Information

Affordable PNT

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