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L1/L2 GPS Repeater Assembly - GPSRKL12

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L1/L2 GPS Repeater Assembly - GPSRKL12

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The GPSRKL12 Repeater assembly is a low power GPS frequency repeater for areas where the GPS signal is not present. The GPS position is of the active outdoor antenna and therefore is not used for location and/or navigation. The repeated GPS signal is used for system test, initialization, and product demonstration.

The GPSRKL12 is available with more options than any competitive product in the market.

Customers may call, fax, or email sales@gpssource.comtoday for product pricing, customized options, specifications, or technical support.

Key Features

  • Frequency response for GPS L1/L2
  • 30dB gain
  • Flatness less than +/-1.0dB
  • Current draw less than 14mA
  • Operating Temperature -40 to 85?C

Product Documents

GPS Source IRAC Repeater Presentation
Repeater Regulations

Technical Data

GPSRKL12 General Overview
Lockheed Martin Boeing Bae Systems Caterpillar Cessna