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About GPS Source

GPS Source, Inc. a subsidiary of General Dynamics Mission Systems, manufactures and sells GNSS signal distribution and validation products, solutions, and services. Serving public safety, commercial electronics, survey, telecom, aerospace, automotive, DOD, Federal Government, and other demanding markets, GPS Source's products add value on a daily basis to the successful operations of our customers around the world. With over 30 years of collective experience in the GNSS industry, including a staff of seasoned RF, APNT, and GPS systems engineers, GPS Source has the flexibility and technical know-how to design and deliver complete solutions for your unique GNSS signal distribution needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide personalized technical solutions to our customers by delivering products and services based on:

  • Understanding of our customer’s needs
  • Technical expertise
  • Speed
  • Quality and Flexibility

Value Offering

GPS Source offers GNSS signal availability, whenever, wherever, however, your business or application may need it! With a product line that includes GPS/GNSS antennas, LNA, splitters, line amplifiers, filters, cabling, and repeater kits & hoods. We have the products and the expertise to address all of your GNSS signal availability needs.


GPS Source strives to be continual innovators in the GNSS industry and in GNSS signal availability.  Whether it is developing creative new product solutions for major defense contractors, such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and BAE Systems, or creative corporate test solutions for Fortune 500 companies, such Caterpillar and Cessna, or the design and manufacturing of integral network infrastructure equipment for world leaders in telecomm, such as Alcatel, GPS Source has the technical know-how and creativity to address any GNSS signal availability requirements. 

Contact us today and let us apply our innovative spirit to solve your unique needs.