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Wireless & Telecomm GPS Solutions

Growth in smart phone and tablet usage has required carriers to rethink how to increase capacity without increasing the spectrum. The wireless industry is quickly incorporating different techniques and architectural layouts such as Centralized-RAN, Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Networks, and Heterogenous Networks (HetNet).  GPS Source has several reliable solutions to help with the timing and synchronization necessary for any of these applications.

Just like our military products, GPS Source manufactures telecommunication products that support reliability and redundancy.  This includes Integrated Rack Mount GPS splitters with dual antenna inputs, dual power supplies, remote access fault indicator panels, and up to 32 output ports. It also includes low cost GPS splitters with DC bias select that automatically switches ports if the selected DC bias input fails.

Our GPS splitters are routinely installed in base transceiver stations and BTS Hotels.  The RMS216 and RMS232 have been developed specifically for Centralized-RAN, which leverages distributed base station and radio head architecture managed by a centralized cloud control.  

All splitters are tuned for GPS and configured for 1 - 2 GHZ, not broadband.  GPSS offers multiple power options, such as AC and a variety of DC options, including 48 volt.  High isolation between output ports is standard.  


  • DAS
  • Microcells
  • Macrocells
  • Base Stations
  • Base Transceiver Hotels
  • Centralized-RAN


  • Tuned to GPS, not for broadband
  • High Isolation Between Ports
  • Each tested output is +/- 1dB from other
  • Short lead times


  • Multiple Power Options
  • Multiple Gain Options