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Aviation GPS Solutions

Experience wireless GPS coverage within any military aircraft utilizing a GPS Retransmission Kit. Any handheld military or commercial GPS receivers, precision air drop guidance units or parachutist NavAid receivers can acquire satellite signals inside the aircraft. A GPS receiver will experience no loss in signal coverage as it moves out of an aircraft equipped with a GLI-VIPER, GLI-COBRA, or GLI-DIAMONDBACK GPS Retransmission Kit from GPS Source.

GPS receivers (both commercial and military) do not automatically “get” a GPS signal.  Receivers have to search for and then lock onto the signal.  The receivers typically cannot lock onto the signals when inside of an aircraft.  When a Warfighter exits an aircraft, there can be a relatively long period of time to the first GPS position fix as the receiver searches for the signal.  The time needed for a navigation device (such as a DAGR) to lock onto a signal outside of the plane, may affect the amount of actual air time available to navigate and glide to a target.  With GPS Live Inside, the Warfighter always has a signal inside or out of the aircraft.

This equipment has received Safety of Flight Approval from the USAF Air Mobility Command Systems Group for specific aircraft.  Call for more information.  It is combat proven core technology, that is highly reliable and supports demanding combat operations.

Installation Kits are available for Permanent, Roll on/Roll Off, Man Portable.  Configurations are available (but not limited) to the following:

  • C-130
  • S-70iTM
  • C-17
  • MH-47
  • C-23
  • CH-53
  • C-27J
  • CV-22
  • UH-60
  • MH-60

If the appropriate aircraft is not on this list, call us at 719-421-7300. We are familiar with other sizes, makes and models.

GPS Inside Aircraft Hangars

It is all about saving time. If you can save an hour here or thereby NOT having to move aircraft out of the hangar, it adds up.

GLI-Hangar allows ongoing installation, testing and troubleshooting of aircraft GPS navigation systems while remaining inside the hangar. Delays of maintenance due to inclement weather or the placement of other aircraft are eliminated. Maintenance efficiencies are immediately recognized, as accessibility to work on the GPS navigation is more convenient. Personnel and assets are protected, plus time and fuel are saved.

Configured with a smart GPS controller, the GLI-Hangar it is continuously self-testing for any problems - detecting open circuits, faulty antennas, inadequate satellite coverage, oscillation, or internal component issues.

GLI-Hangar Benefits

  • With the push of a button, attenuate or amplify the GPS signal to a safe power level
  • Control and "lock in" the power level, regardless of the cable network or temperature changes
  • Bluetooth capability allows wireless configuration and monitoring
  • Immediate Return on Investment - Pays for itself the 1st time with the elimination of fuel usage and limited flight crew
  • GPS signal throughout entire hangar - No doubt that GPS is 100% operational
  • Maintains GPS ephemeris enabling immediate taxi
  • Allows 100% system functional test, including the application's receive antenna system

Watch the Video on GLI-Hangar and How It Works