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GPS & GNSS Applications

We offer a full line of GPS signal distribution products, GPS retransmission products, and design services for GPS/GNSS infrastructure. The products are used in a variety of industries and applications - military vehicles, aircraft, computer networks, test ranges, telecommunication base systems and more.  They are highly reliable and manufactured to meet the demanding requirements of Warfighters, First Responders, Aircraft Maintainers, Telecommunication Engineers,  Manufacturing Engineers, and anyone requiring the GPS signal in a signal denied environment.

Assured PNT Solutions

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology has become an integral part of Mission Command systems and military ground vehicle architectures. It plays an important role in the successful execution of tactical missions. The term “GPS” conveys positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) data that is essential in virtually every modern weapon system. The dependence on GPS exemplifies the need for the U.S. military to protect PNT sources to assure unhindered access.

Our Assured PNT Solutions

Special Operations GPS Solutions

Our products provide GPS coverage within any aircraft or ground vehicle for Special Operation Combat Missions. The Warfighter will have satellite connectivity and situational awareness prior to dismounting a vehicle or exiting an aircraft. A GPS receiver will experience no loss in signal coverage as it moves in or out of any vehicle equipped with GPS Live Inside.

Our Special Operations Solutions

Aviation GPS Solutions

When a Warfighter exits an aircraft, there can be a relatively long period of time to the first GPS position fix as the receiver searches for the signal. The time needed for a navigation device (such as a DAGR) to lock onto a signal outside of the plane, may affect the amount of actual air time available to navigate and glide to a target. With GPS Live Inside, the Warfighter always has a signal inside or out of the aircraft.

Our Aviation GPS Solutions

Wireless & Telecomm GPS Solutions

Growth in smartphone and tablet usage has required carriers to rethink how to increase capacity without increasing the spectrum. The wireless industry is quickly incorporating different techniques and architectural layouts such as Centralized-RAN, Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Networks, and Heterogenous Networks (HetNet). GPS Source has several reliable solutions to help with the timing and synchronization necessary for any of these applications.

Our Wireless & Telecomm GPS Solutions

Timing & Synchronization Solutions

We provide solutions allowing accurate GPS time reference inside a building from almost any location. We can design systems to your specific applications, using active antennas, cabling, splitters, amplifiers, and repeaters.

Our Timing & Synchronization Solutions