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Special Operations GPS Solutions

GLI-Cobra and GLI-Viper are portable GPS repeater kits designed to maintain GPS signal availability inside of an aircraft or ground vehicles. Not only are they designed to transmit GPS live inside, but they will maintain signal “lock” for GPS receivers inside the vehicle. This means when dismounted or deployed, the location data stays in place. There is no need to reacquire the signal, giving more time to concentrate on a mission. A Warfighter will have situational awareness prior to dismounting. With GLI-Cobra or GLI-Viper, reporting invalid location data and delays in acquiring GPS position are a thing of the past. A GPS receiver will experience no loss in signal coverage as it moves into or out of a vehicle or aircraft equipped with GPS Live Inside.

Installation Configurations Available: Permanent, Roll on/Roll Off, Man Portable

Kits available for any type of aircraft or military ground vehicle.

Download the White Paper on GPS Retransmission for Airborne Applications

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