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PNT Assurance


PNT Assurance

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology has become an integral part of Mission Command systems and military ground vehicle architectures. It plays an important role in the successful execution of tactical missions.  The term “GPS” conveys positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) data, data that is essential in virtually every modern weapon system. Precision timing provides joint forces the capability to synchronize operations and communications. PNT also enables precision attack from stand-off distances, reducing collateral damage and allowing friendly forces to avoid threat areas.

The dependence on GPS exemplifies the need for the US military to protect PNT sources to assure unhindered access.  The concept of “Assured PNT” is an important topic with military GPS stakeholders around the world.

A PNT Assurance strategy allows access to all sources of PNT, not just GPS.  It is based upon three objectives:

  • Reduce size, weight and power consumption through the systematic elimination of redundant systems;
  • Increase protection to ensure PNT is available and trusted through improvements that keep pace with threats and are scalable;
  • Develop ability to migrate to secure GPS informed and guided by the Assured PNT System of Systems Architecture